My 13 year old daughter loves taking pictures of nature so I had her start her own blog. It's called Photos in the Forest. Here are a few samples of some of the creatures she has found in our yard. If you want to check out more pics, click here. Great job Katlyn! I love seeing the world through your eyes.


Flor Larios Art said…
Wow beautiful photos! Love the one of the spider!
Denise said…
Thanks Flor! I love the details in the spider pic too.
Sharon-SkiesArt said…
Your daughter is a terrific photographer! what a wonderful
way she looks at her subject.
She is very young to see things in such an amazing perspective.
Tell her to keep up with this talent... she will go places.

sharon skiesart
Denise said…
Thank you Sharon! When I tell her about your comment, she will definitely be over the moon :) Take care!
Sadia said…
I must say your daughter has an eye for details! These are beautifully captured images. Congratulations!

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