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Flower Angel

Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas!
Wanted to share the newest painting. she is.
You can check her out on Etsy.
Thanks for stopping by!
(Thank you Teresa)

Time Flies...

I was browsing through some old photos when I came across this one. These are my sweeties, 10 years ago, that is. My twins, Katie and Dougie on an Easter day in California. Boy how time does fly by. It looks like I should have cleaned my scanner before I scanned this photo in. Oops.

My Favorite Art Teacher

I've mentioned Lee Hammond before on my blog. For years, I tried to find a good art book/teacher. She is the only one that I have found that I learned so much more from. I didn't even think to see if she had a YouTube video and lo and behold....she did! Just thought I'd share one with you. She explains how to shade in pencil. Have fun watching!

Winter White Wonderland

Once again, old man winter is here. I guess we can't complain. We did get an unexpected visit from him in either September or October. But it really has been very nice weather since then. My daughter snapped a few pictures, some of which we thought we'd share with anybody browsing the blog. The top picture you see is actually just her fooling around with a drinking glass (Imperial Cape Cod) during Thanksgiving dinner. We thought it looked like a snowflake. : 3 The last picture is of our Thanksgiving candle on the dinner table.