Help My Sister Beat Her Tumor!

Help My Sister

My family and I are asking for prayers and support today from as many people as we can possible reach.

My sister Teresa recently had a seizure and was rushed to Emergency.  Through an MRI they found a brain tumor.  We're told it is the size of a golf ball.  Her and her husband have 3 daughters; Jill age 13, Megan age 11 and Grace age 4.  

Their precious family has so much faith although they have been through hell and back with 3 miscarriages and so much more it would make your head spin.  

They are asking for help through the Go Fund Me site to aid in my sister's health expenses.  You can read the full story...I have added a link to the site if anyone would like to read her story and find it in your heart to help with prayers and/or donating.  

Thank you so much!


Teresa and Grace.


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