A New Kidney...

I have been gone so long from this blog! Sorry for those of you who visit now and then and have had nothing new to see. But, I have a pretty good reason. My husband has been on dialysis for the past 6 years and has now received a kidney. He was in the hospital for just about 2 weeks but is now home and still recovering.

We're so glad he is back!

We are all slowly getting back into our normal daily routines....so, thank you all for being patient.


Nita Jo said…
Congratulations to your husband! I hope all is going well for him.

I found you through Carrie Joy's blog.

Nita Jo
Denise said…
Thank you Nita for your well wishes! He is home now and is slowly recovering.
By the way...LOVE Carrie Joy's work! I'm always visiting her blog. Take care!

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