I haven't painted a picture of Mary for quite a while so, I finally finished one! This one has got lots of texture! Thanks to the classes I took with Gritty Jane and Maureen White, I was able to learn lots of new techniques so a big thanks to those two! It has been listed on EBay and if you'd like to check it out, click here. Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July Weekend. I'm planning on posting a few pics from our night soon. Take care all!


Silke said…
Oh, Denise, she is just wonderful! So exquisite! I love the textures and the colors you chose!! :) Silke
Denise said…
Thank you Silke!
Anne said…
Hi, Denise! Very pretty painting. You did a great job of incorporating multiple shades of blue within a single image. Terrific! :-)
Janine said…
This is a lovely painting Denise!

I just got my panels that I ordered from you and they are just great!

You will share your table leg dolls with us I hope! I just signed up for Suziblu's Goddess and Poet class so I can't sign up with Jane on this class! So I hope you share your dolls with us! It looks like a great class! I look forward to taking classes with Jane in the future!
Denise said…
Thank you Anne & Janine!
Janine, I'm so glad you like the panels. Let me know when you've used them, I'd love to see what you've created!
I will definitely share the table leg dolls, I can't wait to get started. Still searching for the parts though.
Take care!

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