New Angel

Newest angel painting titled "Nature's Angel". You can check her out on Etsy here.

Well...we had a 2nd visit from our friend "The Bear". He was just passing through (3 days after trashing the yard". But this time he left things as he found them. Thank goodness!

We also have a sad update on the Robin's eggs...there are only 3 now. One is missing. We did hear a lot of noise this morning from several crows outside our window. Not sure if a crow got one. We couldn't find any egg shells anywhere but something had to have gotten it. Do crows do that?! Anyway....poor mother Robin seems very nervous though. Hope things go well from her from here on out.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend. Back to the usual early tomorrow :(

Take care all!


Anne said…
Hi, Denise! Very pretty! I love bunnies! I also like the concentric circles you made for the halo. :-)
Silke said…
Your angel is so pretty! I love her sweet, expressive face and all the texture in the background! :)
Julie said…
This painting is just beautiful!! Thank you for visiting and following me too! ; )
Janine said…
Love the texture in this piece. A wonderful Angel...job well done!

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