Questions About Art Techniques

Lots of people e-mail me to ask about the art techniques used in my paintings. Unfortunately I am not able to give that information out because some of it is not my own. I am taking a class by Gritty Jane (aka: Jane DesRosier) and Maureen White from Urban Pastures. I can't stress enough what wonderful teachers they are and the wealth of information in the class.

It's a one time fee and you are a member and have access to the information for as long as the class is in existence!

Please feel free to click on the workshop logo to Creative Textures and check it out.

One more note to those who have ordered the Wooden Canvas Panels (box wood frames) that my husband makes and have used them for their artwork. We GREATLY appreciate it!

Anyone else interested can see the link on the right side of my blog.

Thanks again to everyone for your questions and for your business!

Have a great week all!


Paula said…
What a great plug for Jane and Maureen. I'm enrolled over there as well and man-o-man what a great group and fabulous teachers. Lots of cool techniques and well worth the price.

I've been looking at those cradled art boards. What is the wood????? Is there an additional charge for shipping?????
Denise said…
Hi Paula! There's no charge for shipping and the wood is as follows: the painting surface is (on the 9" x 12" boards) the frame part is poplar, the larger boards have a pine frame, the painting surfaces are made of 1/4" plywood (the smooth, finished side of the plywood).
Hope that helps!
Yes, the class is really wonderful and our classmates are some of the nicest people that I've met on the internet. LOVE the class (and teachers too :) Have a great Easter Paula!
Heather said…
that class sounds amazing! I've taken jane's doll class :) lovely collages!
Vania said…
Your art is absolutely gorgeous and I am so glad I stumbled accross your blog, regards Val
Anne said…
Hi, Denise! I've nominated you for a blog award. Click through my name to my blog and check it out! :-)
carriejoy said…
I just ordered the wooden canvas. I am so excited - I can't wait to create with them and the price is so affordable.

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