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I've been working on some new projects. Just wanted to post the pics to share. The tree I am still working on and the flowers I had seen Jane DesRosier do and I loved it so much that I tried to make one for myself. See ya' !


Linda S. Socha said…
I love the flowers and the tree. They are unique and have a wonderful energy. Congratulations on your well deserved award!
I really like these textures. The flowers are so pretty.
Jenny said…
I love the texture on the flower painting.

Thanks for the prayers. I do know that woman seem to have more faith in God providing than the male does. I often head butt my husband about just having faith...must be because they are supposed to be the provider.
Paula said…
I like the textures you've created.

Twice now I've started out with the tube of goo to do that technique and both times I've scraped it off.....don't know why I just can't get down with that one.......I think I'm needing the faith to stay with the process and not be turned off so soon.

I love what you've done !!! The colors are great and I'd love to touch.
Tess said…
I love the texture in the flowers painting. How are you doing it? Very nice!!
Denise said…
Tess, thanks for stopping by! I actually can't reveal the technique. I'm taking a class on line from grittyjane and she has asked us not to reveal the techniques that we learn. You should check out the classes, they are really great and lots of fun people. I have a link to her blog near the bottom of my page. Have a great weekend everyone!

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