Something I learned how to create through Jane's class. I titled it "Sweetness".


Pearle said…
Is this the wax collage? I just watched that video and I really want to do that! Yours turned out lovely!
Denise said…
Hi Pearle! Yep, it's the wax collage. It was a lot easier to do than I thought. You should try it, lots of fun!
Great painting! You sure named this one right...it is certainly very sweet.
Anonymous said…
Hey Denise!
I've got an award for you so stop by my blog when you get a chance!
BTW--the collage is beautiful :)
Very sweet! I love all the texture.
purplecat said…
Don't you just love that beeswax!
Anne said…
Hi, Denise! Looks like you're having fun in class! :-)

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