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This is my very first award since I've been blogging and I am displaying it proudly! Thank you to Julie-Ann from for nominating me. She paints beautiful angels who have the most amazing eyes, check out her artwork! Apparently I am supposed to nominate 10 other bloggers who show great attitude and gratitude. So...I am nominating the 10 people who follow my blog (actually mom is a loyal follower, thanks ma! but she doesn't have a blog and obviously Julie-Ann since she already has her very own lemonade stand and Rock River Stitches would like to remain tag/award free).
So...Here they are...

To pick up the award, (1) comment at this blog (2) clip and paste the Award logo and attach it to your own blog (3) list your own ten favorite blogs (4) comment on their blogs, to advise them (5) Link back to my log (I'd appreciate it :) )


Rischa said…
OMGoodness!! Denise, you're the sweetest! I'm so excited; I've never received a blog award before! Thank you so much!

I'll get my blog post together ASAP. :-D

my tiny studio said…
Thank you Denise for the award. I am having some computer problems but Just as soon as I can I will be adding the award to my blog thank you :)
Caroline said…
Thanks Denise, you are so sweet. I will hopefully get mine added in the next day or so. Stay warm! :)
Thank you so much for the award, Denise. Since I just started my blog, I don't have but just a few followers yet but I do appreciate you being so sweet to add me to your award list. I will put it up soon and try to add some followers, as well. Thanks again, my gracious new friend.
I look forward to checking your blog every day and enjoy it very much. You are a very creative artist.

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