A New Doll

I'm working on a new cloth and clay doll. She's my Sunflower Gal. I am so looking forward to summer so she definitely will help remind me of those sun-filled, gorgeous days! She's patiently waiting to be finished while sitting in my Arthur Wood piggy cup.


I like the way this one is headed. I love sunflowers and piggies too. Can't wait to see the finished product.
Anonymous said…
Can't wait to see your sun doll finished, looking real cool
Anonymous said…
You are busy! She is going to look great :)
Flor Larios Art said…
It is pretty even unfinished! I will be back to see the grand finale. I love your angels paintings too.
I love sunflowers. I have a painting of my daughter with a hat with a single sunflower and I call it "Sunflowers" I plant them each year. Your doll is lovely I am looking forward to its completion.
Rischa said…
Oh cool! You're doing a flower-head dolly! I want to try one if I ever find time. I can't wait to see her with all her color!

Ooooh she's is fun! Can't wait to see the progress!
my tiny studio said…
Denise I cant wait to see her finish you do excellent work.
love your blog...just got over here..from the clay doll shoppe.
nice job...sunflower doll is looking good. All your paintings are wonderful... Nice job

Sharon :: SkiesArt

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