I have SO many Christmas things to pack up and put away in the attic this weekend! But there is one thing I think I will leave out. I found this advent calendar a couple of years ago (I think I got it at Marhsalls or something...not sure) but I thought it would be fun to keep it out all year long and during the month when special days come up, birthdays, holidays, groundhog day :} I can pop a little treat inside the calendar. Granted, it only has 25 days on it but I'm sure we could work something out. I just thought I'd share that idea. Anyway...hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's Eve and have a great New Year's Day.


Anonymous said…
I really like that and would also keep it out all year.
Rischa said…
Oh yeah, I'd keep it out, too. It's really pretty and will be fun to use for special days. Unless those special days are after the 25th of course. lol

I have to pack up my Christmas goods today, too. I dread it.

Hello Denise,
Nice to meet you and I also enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your art....I really like it all. Thanks for visiting and hope you will come back. It was exciting to see someone new there on my comments. Like Rischa said, I am very green at this and have a lot to learn but I am enjoying it.
Hope to see you again soon.
Billie (aka...Bibbi)

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