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Bobcat Sighting !

We've seen lots of wild animals out here. Last summer we had a huge black bear walking through our front yard, a family of beautiful red foxes as well. There have been plenty of graceful deer and lo and behold, while waiting in my car (thankfully) for the bus to come comes a bobcat! Running along as if he hadn't a care in the world. Right at that very moment, the school bus comes along with all the children peering out their windows to get a glimpse of this wild creature.
SO COOL! I just had to share that event with you all. I took a picture of the footprints in the snow just for fun.
Just soak up all that goes on around you. You don't want to miss a thing in this short life we have.


God's nature is truely beautiful. I had a pet cat once that was 1/4 Bobcat. He had the bob tail, large jaws, hairy ears and his rear end was taller than his front. His name was Bobby, for oviious reasons. We had him over 8 years before he was run over coming from visiting a neighbor. I love going through the woods watching nature but you do have to be careful.

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