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Flower Angel

Hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas!
Wanted to share the newest painting. she is.
You can check her out on Etsy.
Thanks for stopping by!
(Thank you Teresa)

Time Flies...

I was browsing through some old photos when I came across this one. These are my sweeties, 10 years ago, that is. My twins, Katie and Dougie on an Easter day in California. Boy how time does fly by. It looks like I should have cleaned my scanner before I scanned this photo in. Oops.

My Favorite Art Teacher

I've mentioned Lee Hammond before on my blog. For years, I tried to find a good art book/teacher. She is the only one that I have found that I learned so much more from. I didn't even think to see if she had a YouTube video and lo and behold....she did! Just thought I'd share one with you. She explains how to shade in pencil. Have fun watching!

Winter White Wonderland

Once again, old man winter is here. I guess we can't complain. We did get an unexpected visit from him in either September or October. But it really has been very nice weather since then. My daughter snapped a few pictures, some of which we thought we'd share with anybody browsing the blog. The top picture you see is actually just her fooling around with a drinking glass (Imperial Cape Cod) during Thanksgiving dinner. We thought it looked like a snowflake. : 3 The last picture is of our Thanksgiving candle on the dinner table.

Christmas Eve

I just can't believe how quickly this year has gone by! Thanksgiving will be here before we know it and then Christmas, of course. I hate how it's such a whirlwind during the holidays.
I did find a little time though to paint something new. You can check her out here on Ebay if you'd like.
Hope everyone is doing well and enjoys the remainder of the weekend.

Okay, so you know what it's like, right? When you're browsing the internet. You're reading something interesting and then something new piques your interest and before you know it, you've opened a multitude of bright, shiny handles leading you to a new and more interesting room.
I've been traveling tonight through those doors and feeling very nostalgic.
Hope I'm not dating myself ('cause that would be embarassing in more ways than just one LOL)!
After you've ran on the treadmill for 5 minutes to the AC/DC video (below), cool down with some Meatloaf.
Then, have a great night!


Stop what you're doing and hop on the treadmill.
Turn the music up and start won't be able to stop.
You'll see what I mean :)

Green Eyes

Okay, so I thought I was back to work...painting...but it has been slow going. I've been taking a course in medical transcription and studying at least 5 hours per day. It's been hard to get back to it. But here is my newest one, so far. You can check it out here if you would like. Thank you for stopping by when you get a chance. Have a wonderful Halloween everyone!


Fun! I used some Gritty Jane techniques in this one. The papers used for the flowers I learned how to do from Jane. Lots of crackling in this too. Check it out on Ebay.

Back to Work

I've been gone from the blogging world for so long, I wonder if I will remember how to do it all still :) I have a new painting up on e-bay if you'd like to check it out. Can't wait to check out what all of you wonderful artists have been up to for the past month. Take care!

In Memory of Our Best Friend....

Just wanted to share with anyone reading the blog, that our best friend, Dave, the dog :) passed away today after 15 years. We are all very sad here and will miss him so very much.
We love you Dave and will NEVER forget you!

A Few More...

Hope you're not too bored but I found a few more :)
By the way, the animal pics were taken from a National Geographics kids magazine.

It's Been a Loooong Time !

I was checking out some of my old artwork that I haven't looked at for years! I had purchased a book by Lee Hammond titled "How to Draw Lifelike Portraits from Photographs". She is a really great teacher and made drawing not so intimidating! I thought it would be fun to share some of these with you.
If you get a chance, check out the book too.


New Painting on Ebay! I'm completely starving right now so I won't be typing much. PIZZA here I come!

Anne from Gaal Creative is celebrating her "Blogoversary" and she's awarded me along with many others with her Circle of Friends Award. Thank you so much Anne! I will nominate 5 others with the same award ASAP. Check out the link to her blog, and feast your eyes upon her beautiful creations!

Table Leg Doll

Okay, so I finished my first table leg doll! It was a lot of fun and I didn't have to sew ANYTHING. Can't wait to get started on my second one. Although, we don't have a Lowe's store nearby. So, in order to get my supplies, I hauled the kids through a thunderstorm (it started after we left) 45 minutes away to the nearest store :) Oh well, it was worth it. Maybe I'll use technology this time and purchase what I need over the internet. Click here if you'd like to see her on Ebay.

I haven't painted a picture of Mary for quite a while so, I finally finished one! This one has got lots of texture! Thanks to the classes I took with Gritty Jane and Maureen White, I was able to learn lots of new techniques so a big thanks to those two! It has been listed on EBay and if you'd like to check it out, click here. Hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July Weekend. I'm planning on posting a few pics from our night soon. Take care all!

Gritty Jane's New Doll Tutorial

Guess what guys....she's done it again! Gritty Jane has a new doll tutorial. I just wanted to share the link with everyone. Just click on the badge below and it will link you to her tutorial's home page. I can't wait to get started!
Happy Fourth of July to everyone! Have a safe holiday :)

I was finally able to finish something that has been hanging around for a while. This took a while to make. I created my own collage papers and used it to create the "bark" on this tree titled, "The Dance". You can check it out here on Ebay if you'd like.

Today is officially the first day of summer and it's been raining all day! Can't wait for a little sunshine. Have a great week everyone!

Possum all the way across the USA !

Is this the cutest little possum you've ever seen? Just LOOK at that face ! My sister-in-law Debbie found this little guy in her back yard in Seattle !
Just a few more pictures of the yard during spring time. I don't know what kinds of flowers these are, I just know they make me happy. The second pic is the front yard, a few hours before sunset. The last picture, actually a video is from the back yard with a very calm breeze blowing through.
It's just too quiet around here. We miss all you guys in CA and WA ! Wish you were here!
This is my ode to the sweet mother Robin who lost all 4 of her babies to a nasty creature!
She had nested under our deck in the back of our house. You can see a picture of the nest further down the page.
I understand that Robins are red and brown :) I'm just in the spring green mode.
Anyway...we're all a little sad around here as I'm sure little Miss Robin is as well.

Wascaly Wabbit

Oh, I forgot....I wanted to post another picture that my daughter took. Although this little one is grey, he was the inspiration for my newest painting. The rabbits LOVE our yard since we have so many dandelions popping up everywhere. They love eating them. Another great picture Katlyn! Maybe, if we have the camera on hand, we can catch the family of fox that might pass through. Take care!

New Angel

Newest angel painting titled "Nature's Angel". You can check her out on Etsy here.

Well...we had a 2nd visit from our friend "The Bear". He was just passing through (3 days after trashing the yard". But this time he left things as he found them. Thank goodness!

We also have a sad update on the Robin's eggs...there are only 3 now. One is missing. We did hear a lot of noise this morning from several crows outside our window. Not sure if a crow got one. We couldn't find any egg shells anywhere but something had to have gotten it. Do crows do that?! Anyway....poor mother Robin seems very nervous though. Hope things go well from her from here on out.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend. Back to the usual early tomorrow :(

Take care all!