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Just a few more pictures of the yard during spring time. I don't know what kinds of flowers these are, I just know they make me happy. The second pic is the front yard, a few hours before sunset. The last picture, actually a video is from the back yard with a very calm breeze blowing through.
It's just too quiet around here. We miss all you guys in CA and WA ! Wish you were here!
This is my ode to the sweet mother Robin who lost all 4 of her babies to a nasty creature!
She had nested under our deck in the back of our house. You can see a picture of the nest further down the page.
I understand that Robins are red and brown :) I'm just in the spring green mode.
Anyway...we're all a little sad around here as I'm sure little Miss Robin is as well.

Wascaly Wabbit

Oh, I forgot....I wanted to post another picture that my daughter took. Although this little one is grey, he was the inspiration for my newest painting. The rabbits LOVE our yard since we have so many dandelions popping up everywhere. They love eating them. Another great picture Katlyn! Maybe, if we have the camera on hand, we can catch the family of fox that might pass through. Take care!

New Angel

Newest angel painting titled "Nature's Angel". You can check her out on Etsy here.

Well...we had a 2nd visit from our friend "The Bear". He was just passing through (3 days after trashing the yard". But this time he left things as he found them. Thank goodness!

We also have a sad update on the Robin's eggs...there are only 3 now. One is missing. We did hear a lot of noise this morning from several crows outside our window. Not sure if a crow got one. We couldn't find any egg shells anywhere but something had to have gotten it. Do crows do that?! Anyway....poor mother Robin seems very nervous though. Hope things go well from her from here on out.

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend. Back to the usual early tomorrow :(

Take care all!

He Made a HUGE mess!

Well, I had just dropped off the kids at school this morning and was in my driveway and there he was....a huge black bear sitting next to my garbage can! It's the first time I have ever seen any bear that close up so you can understand the shakiness in the video. Sorry about that. My poor neighbor thought I was having a heart attack when I called her up. Poor Tammy....didn't mean to scare you :) The video is a little long but I didn't want to pass up the opportunity to catch it all. Bye the way, you can fast forward to about 4 minutes into the video to see him actually trying to get into the garbage can. If you want a little music to go along with the video, just click on MY Playlist in the right column, just below the Etsy Gadget. Hope everyone has a great week, take care !

More Creature Sightings !

My daughter spotted these beauties in our yard and snapped a couple of quick photos. The 4 Robins eggs are tucked just under our deck in the back of the house. Such lovely colors! We also had a HUGE black bear get into our garbage can this morning but I'm trying to edit the video. Once I figure out how to do that, I'll be posting that as well.


Mermaid Angel

Okay, I've had artists block here for a while. I don't know how many times I started to paint and then changed my mind. Finally....I came up with this. It took about 3 days to finish. Right now you can find it on Etsy so click here to take a peek. Have a great week! Got to get up early tomorrow, it's back to school again. :)