More Yummy Textures !

I just love the textures!! Hope you all like it! Have a good week everybody.
I have finally opened up an Etsy shop and this is my first painting in my new shop! Check it out here.


Cris said…
That is really pretty! The textures are wonderful!
Anonymous said…
Very nice and great texture!
Anne said…
Hi, Denise! This is gorgeous! Love the texture and the yummy colors, too!

Thanks for stopping by to enter my giveaway! Since you're one of my blog Followers, I'll enter your name twice for the drawing! :-)
Linda S. Socha said…
These are really beautiful. You are a very talented lady. I love your things
I love your paintings...I followed you here from creative textures! Isn't it fun! - verlene
Tess said…
The texture and colors are wonderful. Very lovely and inspirational. I found you through Anne at Gaal Creatives. Congrats on winning her giveaway.

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