I am the lucky recipient of 6 awards! Duplicates of all 3 from 2 different wonderful people! Thanks to Caroline from Caroline's Crafts and Kimmie from Once Upon a Blue Crow.
Sorry it took me so long to put these up...it's just been very busy around here lately! As soon as I meet up with some new bloggers, I will pass these on. I think all the people I know, I've sent awards to. Thank you SO MUCH you two, it's very much appreciated!
With one of the awards, I am supposed to list 5 addictions so here goes...
1.) I am addicted to peace and quiet (most of the time).
2.) But I also am addicted to the laughter of my children in the background.
3.) I am addicted to the little things my children tell me each night as I tuck them
in. With my son it goes like this..."Love you, love you" he tells me "Ditto,
Ditto", my turn..."You're the best son ever", his.."You're the best mom ever"..
together we say "Good night!"
My little conversation between my daughter and I: Big hug, I bless her good
night (by the way I do the same for my son :) She says "You're the best mom
ever" and I reciprocate. Then we proceed to tell all her fishies good night and
her little "hermies" (hermit crabs for short).
4.) I'm also addicted to my loving husband who helps me out any chance he gets! He
makes breakfast for us on the weekends and when I cook, he cleans up. Such a
good guy!
5.) Last of all my family for all the support they give us through thick and thin.

Hopefully this wasn't too sappy for you all but it's the truth.
Thanks for reading!
See you soon.


Rischa said…
Awww, that's not sappy at all. It's very sweet. I enjoyed reading the conversation between you and your kiddos.

Congrats on all the awards! You deserve them! I still haven't had time to blog and put up the award you gave me, but I plan to make time for it tonight. :-)

Anonymous said…
I love what you have written about your goodnights with your children. So beautiful.
Reminded me of my mum and stepdad, I would here them through the wall saying. I love you all the stars in the sky - mum. John - I love you all the worms in the garden. He,he!
So beautiful! I love when my little guy interlocks his fingers with mine and puts his little face close to mine. So sweet they are.

I haven't put my award up yet, but I'm getting there!
Alan said…
Denise- How cool to see you at Balloon Release. If you decide to let some go share the story and pix with us.
You might also enjoy my other blog Cute Times Ten. if you have any cute images or projects send them in. If I post them I'll give you a link.
Flor Larios Art said…
Congratulations on your awards! You well deserve them.
Ms Dragonfly said…
am i too late for my award? i'm sorry i didn't reply sooner but as you know from my blog i have been running fuems. i would like to participate if it's not to late. i am feeling much better now in a lot of ways, well enough to DO things :)

thanks for all you said. i appreciate it a lot!


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