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Folk Art Paper Clay and Wood Doll Head #3

Just finished Alice yesterday. She may not be blonde, but she still is having loads of fun. She informed me that she has an appointment to keep with a few friends so I had to take a few quick pics, and let her be on her way. She kept a promise and stopped by Ebay if you want to chat with her for a sec.

Folk Art Doll Head, Mermaid

Having fun with these doll heads! This is my newest one. She is a mermaid rising out of the deep blue sea just to take a peek at what is gong on up above. She was listed on Ebay tonight if you want to check her out. Thanks for stopping by again!

Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood wood and paper clay doll head on Ebay. Check it out here!

She measures about 7" tall and 7" wide from shoulder to shoulder.