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I just love the gorgeous colors in this painting! I get the feeling that I like the color blue...and greens are not far behind.   It's funny when I look at my photostream on Flickr, I notice several different trends, mostly in the colors I use.
This has been painted on a wood canvas and is available now on Etsy (my store..."Tangles"), the link follows:

Okay, if you haven't tried painting an just have to.  It is very freeing and not to mention SO MUCH FUN!  
Sometimes it can be frustrating trying to get a painting "just right."  With an abstract, it seems as if you enter into a different realm.  It is magical to see the colors and textures work together.  There is an infinite number of "unconventional" tools that you can use which can take the painting to another level.  I love this new world and plan to visit often!

Check out this painting on Etsy in my store "Tangled".  Here's the link: